Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Your CV

Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Your CV

writing a cv

Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Your CV

Looking for a new job can be difficult. Often the worst part can be when you send your resume (or usually known as CV), to a company and don’t hear anything from them.

There can be several reasons for this, some of them to do with the CV itself. Here are some mistakes that are easy to avoid the next time you write your CV:

Spelling and grammar errors

For her book Top Notch Executive Resumes, Katherine Hansen surveyed employers to find out what they look for in resumes. She says that spelling and grammar errors in a person’s resume are the number one thing that makes employers less likely to hire that person.

To avoid this mistake, ask a friend or family member to read your resume after you’ve read it yourself a few times. They might be able to see any mistakes you’ve missed.

Too much personal information

Your resume should only include information that is important for the job that you are applying for. An employer doesn’t need to know things like how tall you are or what religion you follow. Your name, age, education, skills and job history are what they’ll be interested in.

Lying on your CV

Applying for work is a competition between you and everybody else who wants the job. But even if it feels like your resume might be weaker than other applicants’, it’s never a good idea to lie on it.

According to a 2018 survey by TopResume. 97% of employers said that they would reconsider or dismiss an applicant if they found a lie on their resume. Depending on what they had lied about.

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