1. Enter your details in our application form .

2. Send a copy of your CV in word to

  • Your CV in WORD format (.docx) – your CV will be converted to a pdf at a later stage
    • Include your contact details (whatsapp & email)
    • Include a photo of yourself in your CV
    • Avoid simple English spelling mistakes
    • List your responsibilities under your job title (UK Sponsors want to know what your work involved)
    • List dates in month/year format NOT just year which can be misleading eg. Feb/2022 not 2022 
    • List 2 referees (include their name, job title, company, whatsapp no., email address}
3. Marita will then send you a status report requesting supporting documents 
  • Passport
  • Any educational certificate or training certificate that supports your application
  • Your latest IELTS or OET test report
  • Your Police Clearance Certificate (and NBI report for Filipinos)
  • Your TB test (if you have it)

4. Once you have all your supporting documents and they have been checked, you will be sent a script for you to send us a presentation video

5. Your references will be checked

If all OK you are now in the pool of CVs available to UK Sponsors.

4. Once an offer comes through to us for you, you will be informed accordingly.

If accepted the UK Sponsor will issue you with a Certificate of Sponsorship. This is valid for 3 months only.

5. Get all your docs ready, take the TB test and apply for your Healthcare Visa. You have to do this in person.

Part of the application process will be to take your biometrics such as your fingerprints.

6. With your Health Care visa you are ready to go to the UK and start work for your Sponsor.

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