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Whether you’re looking to work abroad as a welder in Wellington, an electrician in Estonia, a plumber in Poland or in fact any profession, your situation will be assessed and you will receive honest advice.

Minimum Requirements

For Professionals

To have the opportunity to work abroad as a professional you need some form of recognised international qualification and a minimum of 2 years’ experience.

For Casual Work

For casual work, you need a minimum of 2 years’ experience in that particular job category. The exception would be seasonal agricultural jobs where no work experience is necessary.


The first step is your CV with photo. Please supply in word format (.doc or .docx). Make sure it is up to date with your latest work details and that your contact details are correct.


Given the information you supply, you will be contacted for any additional information that is required.

The Process

1. Send your CV
2. CV checked
3. Job opportunities discussed
4. Accept or decline the conditions
5. Your CV is offered to various employers in your sector
6. Once an informal job offer comes from an employer, you then have to decide if you wish to accept or not.

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Other factors

You only pay us an agency fee once an informal job offer has come through and you agree to accept.

Note: the process of getting a job abroad depends on the country and the job. This will be discussed with you.

In nearly every case the employer has to obtain a work permit for you.

Then with the work permit, you apply for a work visa through their embassy in Colombo.

Once you have that work visa in your passport, you can then fly to that country and start working.

Note the process for UAE is different and will be discussed with you.



Our placement fees are just one month’s salary. In the event that the one month’s salary cannot be obtained from the employer, we charge the applicant. So it depends on the terms that are agreed between and the employer.

Costs only start when you accept an informal job offer. That is when the employer has seen your CV and wants to employ YOU.

You then have to produce the documents required to enable the employer to make a formal job offer ( a work permit ) which is acceptable to their immigration office.


To get the formal job offer you pay:

  • any costs in relation to producing the documents including sworn translations to permit the employer to make an official job offer.
  • the cost of courier service of documents.
  • the immigration lawyer if required in the country of the job offer.
  • and our placement fees.

Once you receive the formal job offer (work permit), you pay:

  • the visa itself
  • any costs that go along with the visa application (possibly medical insurance, proof of subsistence, no criminal record certificate)

For UAE, the process and costing structure is different.


Apart from the documents, the immigration office wants to make sure you have sufficient funds to support yourself.

So if you are applying for a yearly contract, you may need to have sufficient funds in your own bank account to sustain yourself for one year. Whilst this is not a cost to you (it is your money in your bank account), you need to have the necessary funds to back up your application when applying for the visa.

You may also need to have medical insurance coverage. The cost depends in which country and your age.

The Immigration Office may also want to know where you are staying, and you may have to show proof of your reservation. In other words, everything has to be carefully planned, all with supporting documentation.

Your offer may be gross. Then there are compulsory deductions such as social security contributions which are required by law. The higher the salary, the more you pay in contributions.

On arrival, the bureaucracy does not stop there. You have been granted access to work in a country, but you will need to inform the local police of your residency. You may have to get a local identity number and once you get that, you can then apply for residency. Don’t delay, dong this on arrival as the penalties may be severe.

For the first work visa, your family will not normally be allowed to reside with you. However with a renewal of a working visa, there is the possibility that your family can join you. But laws change and the immigration lawyer needs to be consulted at renewal time.

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